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Procedures of the Tournament


The format of KYIV SPRING 2008 is British Parliamentary.


The competition will be held in two leagues (tracks): Ukrainian language and English language.


Five preliminary rounds, semifinals and a final will be held in each league (track) separately


Debate rounds of both leagues take place simultaneously. The team that has registered to debate in one league can not be a party of another one.


  • English Language League


Preliminary Rounds


Each motion will be focused around one designated theme. These themes will be disclosed in advance.


The list of five themes will be posted online before April 11th, 2008. The individual motions will not be disclosed beforehand.


Chief Adjudicator will announce motions 15 minutes prior to each preliminary round.


Eliminary Rounds


Semifinal and final motions will not be disclosed beforehand. Chief Adjudicator will announce the motions 15 minutes prior to each play-off round.


Matter, Manner and Preparation


We are anticipating meaningful and engaging speeches during the tournament.


Lack of matter in a given speech will be considered a deadly sin and punished accordingly by adjudicators.


Public speaking skills are by all means necessary. Those thinking of “rhetoric” as of meaningless flood of eloquences are clearly misguided.


The motions at this tournament will be closed or semi-closed.


Before jumping into the fun debates whirl think estimate your chances of drowning in them. We are not particularly fond of hopeless casualties.


The organizing committee anticipates due level of preparation to this tournament.


All participants should possess necessary debate skills and academic knowledge.


  • Debate Aspect of Preparation


We are anticipating debaters who are familiar with British Parliamentary Debate format and have already took part in debate tournaments (local, national or international) as debaters, adjudicators or coaches.  


Be prepared to debate against strong teams.


Novice debaters are welcome as well!


  • Academic Aspect of Preparation


We are anticipating the participation of debaters who have a solid academic background. Debaters should be prepared to debate on motions that concern politics, law, economy, international relations. Do flip through the recent issues of the Economist, the Guardian or the New York Times before the tournament.

  • Language


We hope that participants are fluent in the language of their chosen track.


Please observe parliamentary language and avoid slang.


  • Dress Code


We kindly ask you to observe informal or smart (business) casual dress code during the opening and closing ceremonies of the tournament, as well as during the rounds.


You may express your creativity and style to any extend you wish during the party and free time! ;)


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